Creative radio

Agricultured: five Oxfordshire farmers: Farmers recall the changes they have witnessed in their working lives. Produced June 2002. Duration: 24:20 minutes

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River: Under the streets of London, rivers are reputed to flow. But rivers still flow in the streets of London, yet they are unseen. This feature examines the river Walbrook. Produced April 2002. Duration: 9:23 minutes

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The Stuff of Life: It's almost an extinct species, the local bakery. Join us in the Hertford Street Bakery in East Oxford as the dough is mixed and baked. Produced November 2001. Duration: 5 minutes

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Essay: Measuring the effectiveness of community radio. Should we use audience size or 'reach' to evaluate community radio? This essay studies community radio in the United Kingdom. Its findings may be applicable to other countries. Download the essay to read. Produced September 2002.

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